California Community Colleges: Telenovela
Using all the drama, sparkle, and explosion of a telenovela we change perspectives
and tell Spanish speaking families about the resources available to help with college costs.

California Community Colleges
How do you tell potential college students about financial aid without them switching off?
Use a catchy song, and the sharable magic of social media star Zach King.

California Department of Public Health
Living a healthier life can be daunting. But taking things one small step
at a time can create lifestyle changes that make a huge difference.

Walk In Our Shoes
Talking about mental health is becoming a normal part of society.
However, trying to talk to nine-year olds about not stigmatizing others
who may have mental health challenges, took a little bit more care and thought.

Western Health Advantage
Healthcare is a very personal thing. So putting the user into the campaign
was the most logical step. Whether you have a big family, no kids, or you enjoy your single life,
Western Health Advantage has a plan for everyone.

Margaret Cho talk Mental Health
With only six hours of donated time, we had to get creative
with Margaret Cho's story about mental health.

California Department of Parks and Recreation
Keeping people safe while they enjoy the waterways in California is a top priority
of the Department of Parks and Rec. Our challenge was to encourage life jacket use,
without scaring people from using the waterways.

JACO Refrigerator Recycling
Having two fridges is consuming energy, depleting resources, and costing you money.
JACO Environmental partnered with utilities across the nation to encourage
the recycling of old environmental unfriendly fridges.

SAFE Credit Union
Creating a trust between a Credit Union and a customer
isn't the easiest task. By using tone, typography, and color
we created a friendly trustworthy brand for SAFE.