CalMHSA: Walk In Our Shoes

An integrated campaign for the California Mental Health Services Authority that was specifically for 9-13 year olds, with the goal of preventing stigma toward mental health challenges. We had research to show that mental health challenges arise in high school, so if we could talk to 9-13 year olds now, we would have a better chance at reducing stigma when they reached high school. We designed and developed the website and then created a campaign and travelling school performance to direct to the website.


We knew that the media was going to run on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, so we wanted to create an ad that would stand out, yet fit in with the other commercials shown on those channels. We developed the idea of finger shoes to give an element of entertainment to the target, but also subtly break down barriers of gender, age, and ethnicity. We’re all people (or fingers) and we all have emotions and feelings. We wanted to help the target understand that they can relate to people with mental health challenges.